Thursday, October 21, 2010

03/31/2010 Decorating Easter Eggs

Every other Wednesday Abby's friend, Kaylin, comes over to our house for a play date. And on the opposite Wednesdays, Abby goes to Kaylin's. It's a pretty sweet deal! We decided to decorate Easter Eggs when Kaylin came over the Wednesday before Easter.

Everyone's excited and ready to go!

Dad's mixing the colors!

We got a cool spinner that splashes colors on the eggs.

Abby showing off her eggs

Kaylin showing off her eggs

Troy showing off his eggs!

And Ashlin showing off her eggs!

Dad made one, too!

And so did I!

So much fun!

Gunnar had fun sitting and watching!

Extreme close up. I guess someone got a hold of the camera!

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