Tuesday, January 11, 2011

April- Home Town Fair

So, there's this class at the YMCA called Cardio Funky Dance. I use to walk by it all the time and think, "man, I'd love to take that class, but I'd feel like a dork. Maybe I'd go if I had someone to go with me". So I never went. Then one day I'm talking to my friend, Lindsey, and she tells me she had gone to the class. I jumped on the opportunity right a way and joined her. It's seriously the funnest class! The teacher is Darcel. She used to be a dancer for the TV show Solid Gold. She's 60 years old but looks and acts like she's in her 30's. She's amazing. We start off with an aerobics style work out with lots of hip hop, tribal moves. She usually does some repetative dance combination that you can pick up pretty easily to get your heart rate up. Then she stops the music and teaches us a full routine, adding on each class. It's a lot of fun and I've loved being able to rekindle my love for dance. The YMCA asked our class to help represent them at the local town fair. I was so excited when I was called off of work that morning and able to participate (since I work just about every Saturday). Grant, the kids, and my parents all came to watch! Thankfully someone from the class had taken pictures.

Here we are doing our warm up.

Oh yeah, getting funky! We got some people from the crowd to join in!

Then we did our little Flamenco dance we had been learning.

So fun!

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