Thursday, October 21, 2010

03/28/10 Family Easter Egg Hunt

After church the kids like to climb the trees while they wait for the "candy man" to get out. Brother Frost started this tradition when he was bishop. He keeps a large supply of candy bars in the back of his car and lets the kids each pick one. He lets them get more by playing a little game to earn it. A fun tradition! He does it every week except for Fast Sundays. I'm not super excited about all the candy, but it's a great way to brib the kids to sit quitely during Sacrament Meeting!

The Bayleses all got together the week before Easter for our monthly Family Home Evening. Since some people would be out of town on Easter we decided to celebrate it a month early.




Troy showing us his loot!

Some of the eggs had money in it from grandpa!

Gunnar just liked playing with the plastic egg!

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