Thursday, June 3, 2010

La Crescenta Mud Slides 02/07/10

So, the mudslides we'd all been waiting for finally hit. Since the fires last Aug/Sept, the city has been putting up K-railes (sp?) in anticipation of mud slides. We got a really heavy rain storm and there was a minor flash flood down the middle of LaCrescenta Ave. But then nothing happened. Several weeks later, the rain hit again...hard. It rained and rained and rained, and the mud came falling down the mountains. On one Saturday, we got an email Stake wide to come and help President Woodhouse clean out the mud from his front yard. Apparently he was completely caved in. Well, within about an hour over 100 members of the stake showed up with shovels. The rain kept coming, and the next week even more homes were covered in mud. Governor Schwartzenager came to check out the damage. A member of our stake, Greg Brown, was part of the greeting committee. It came up that the Mormon's had helped dig out the Woodhouses and a large number of neighboring homes. The Govanator said something to the effect of, "Can they come do it again here?". Greg said, "Of course!", and the next day (Sunday) they announced in Sacrament meeting that helpers were needed. They canceled the rest of the meetings for the day so that as many people as possible could go dig. Here are the pictures from this historic event!

Everyone was instructed to meet at the Big Lots parking lot for instruction and to get their "Mormon Helping Hands" vests. This is Greg Brown giving instruction. They had to have the vests on to get past the blockade. I'm not sure on the numbers, but a couple hundred people showed up. Eventually they had to send everyone home because someone started worrying about liability issues. Such a bummer, we can't just go and help these days. Anyway, it was a great experience. Several members were spotted at OSH buying supplies to help dig. It might have been Sunday, but the Ox was in the meyer I guess!

Some members brought their personal machinery

Many homes were completely demolished. This car belongs to the home on the left.

That's Grant, in his Borax steel toed boots, isn't he cute?

That's a swimming pool filled with mud-CRAZY!

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