Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ashlin's 4year and Gunnar's 6month Pictures 02/12/10

Dropping Abby off is always such a big production! Everyone needs to give hugs goodbye. One day the assistant principal saw me loading all my kids back in the car and insisted that I use the drop off lane. So we gave it a try. Abby had to jump out of the car and run into class. Ashlin and Troy both cried (or rather, sreamed) for like 10 minutes after because they didn't get to give Abby a hug. When I picked Abby up she had a sad face. When I asked why she said, "Because I didn't get to give you a hug before school." That was the last time we did that!

After drop off, we ran home and bathed Ashlin and Gunnar to get them ready for their photo shoot! Becky came so she could finally get Emma's one year photo done (only 2 months late, but who's counting!?!) We promised the kids they could ride the carausel if they were good.


Troy refused to get on a horse, but loved the ride!


Then we played in the kids area for a little bit!

And here are the results!

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llcall said...

I absolutely adore these pictures! Probably in part because I love brown, but also because your kids are dang cute!!