Thursday, June 3, 2010

Soccer Pacific League Championship 02/12/10

The CV boy's soccer program is fairly new to the school. I think it started sometime when I was in High School (so about 15 or so years ago). It has always been pretty bad. They weren't expecting much when they asked Grant to coach. They knew he didn't play soccer, but they wanted someone to come in and whip the program into shape. They'd had some pretty bad coaches in the past and they just wanted someone they could rely on. So Grant agreed. His first season was rough. At the end of the season they fired the head coach, and Grant had to run the summer program all by himself while they looked for a new head coach (they kept offering the position to Grant, but he politely turned it down-wouldn't be fair to the kids). He did an amazing job getting kids to even show up to tryouts (there were like 50 kids there-way more than expected), running the 6 week program, and then making the final cuts. Luckily they hired Kiel McClung right near the end of the summer. Kiel was amazing! Just what the kids needed. He is knowledgable at soccer, the kids look up to him, he doesn't cuss, and he shares the same views with Grant on how a team should be run and how kids should behave. They were a great duo! Grant's JV team did much better than last year, but the Varsity team won the Pacific League Championship! First time in CVHS history! This was a very proud moment for all! We all took turns taking pictures with the plaque!


CV, We're #1!

The Sophomores

The Freshman

The Juniors

The Coaches (and Timmy). Grant doesn't usually coach the Varsity games, but his JV season was already over, and Cri had come down with a really bad stomach bug and couldn't make it (we missed you Cri!)

I guess I forgot to take one of the Seniors. Well, congrats team!

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