Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grant's Birthday 1/30/10

The worst part about blogging so far behind, is that you can't remember all the details. Grant turned 32 on Jan 3oth. We opened presents, but I can't remember what we gave him.

The kids got a hold of the camera.

We went out to dinner at an Argentine restaurant called 1810 in Pasadena. I walked in, looked at the menu and thought "he'll get the milenesa or the gnochi". Grant stewed over the menu for like 10 minutes. I told him he could order my meal too. After much deliberation, he ordered the gnochi for me, and milenesa for him. Shocker! And an empanada for an appetizer. It was really yummy. We went and saw the movie Sherlock Holmes (I think) after. It was fun. Gunnar joined us and was really good throughout the date.

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Andrea said...

Hey, didn't know you had a blog! It is very cute. Thanks for the comment on mine.