Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Push-Up 01/11/10

I'm telling you, Gunnar is so stinkin' cute. As he approached 6 months old, he was starting to figure out how to move a little. In an attempt to crawl, he would push himself up into a perfect plank position. It was quite amazing, and we actually captured it on camera!

Gettin' warmed up for his workout!

A little laughing distraction, and then...

VOILA! Macho man!

Abby and Ashlin wanted a part of the action!

After we took down the Christmas tree, we set up the keyboard so that Abby could start practicing every morning. We made a deal that she could take private piano lessons if she could prove to me that she would be dedicated to practicing every morning. She gets up every morning at 6:45 am to practice.

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