Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cori's Wedding 12/29/09

Our year ended with the wedding of my cousin, Cori. They got married in the Mesa Temple. We wanted to spend as much time with Bryan and Nanny before the wedding, since I had to get back right after the wedding for work. So, we left on the 27th for Arizona. We took my brother, Mikey, with us. It was a fun drive. We got there pretty late, so we just went straight to bed. The next day was Grant and my 7th wedding anniversary. We headed to my Uncle's house to help set up for the wedding. We helped decorate the house and run errands for my aunt, meanwhile enjoying the company of my extended family. That night all the family arrived, and we all went to dinner at a local restaurant. Then we took the kids to the hotel and put them to bed. Grant stayed with them while Mikey and I went back to Matt's house to help Cori's siblings write a skit for the wedding luncheon. We were up until 1:00am, but we had a blast hanging out and laughing.

The day of the wedding was absolutely beautiful. They had had reports of rain, so a lot of the wedding plans will filled with trying to figure out what to do in case it rained. Cori looked amazing in her dress, and the sealing was perfect.

Matt and Lynette and family

After the traditional pictures in front of the temple, we headed to the local church building for a yummy luncheon. The siblings did great on their skit, and Edi sang "I Love to See the Temple". The reception was a blast with yummy food and fun dancing. Right before the reception started, we got a couple of rain drops. We moved the cake under the patio, but it never got bad enough to detour us from having a great time! The next morning we hung out with some of the family members that were still in town. We went to a park and then had lunch together at In-N-Out. Then we hit the road. We got home, put the kids to bed, unpacked, and got ready to go back to work.

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