Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Uncle Chuck's 60th Birthday Party 01/16/10

My mother's older brother turned 60 last summer. He has 6 kids and they're scattered all over the US. Since they weren't able to get together on his actual birthday, they picked a 3-day weekend in January to all meet up in California at my parent's house. I had to work that day, but thankfully got off an hour early to join in the festivities. I've been really blessed to have great relationships with my cousins on both my mom's and dad's side of the family. This family is really special to me because we all grew up together and they are so much fun! We had dinner and socialized while we waited for the guest of honor (who was 90 minutes late-it was a surprise and I guess the importance of his presence wasn't conveyed very well!). After he arrived, the kids did a couple skits reminiscing on their childhood.

Here they are reenacting one of many long car rides. The kids played themselves, and had 2 grandkids play Chuck and Linda.

Here they lined up 6 of the grandkids to make it look like when their parents were younger and reenacted the time when my uncle left all the kids at Magic Mountain, putting Jennifer (child #4 but most responsible) in charge! That's Troy on the end, wanting to get in on the action!

Troy loved meeting and hanging out with so many 2nd cousins

No party/reunion is complete with out some group photos!

Uncle Chuck with all his kids, in-laws, and grandkids

Lining the grandkids up by age (Bryan's kids might be older, but they're shorter)

Janessa, Jennifer, & Jocelyn
Dennis, Bryan, Mark, and Uncle Chuck

It was so much fun having them all together. My Uncle Chuck is a bit of a free spirit, but he is one of the funnest, kindest people you'll ever meet. Happy Old Man-ness, Uncle Chuck!

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