Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ward Christmas Party 12/12/09

Since Gunnar was the youngest baby in the ward, the activities committee asked him to play Jesus and Grant & I to play Joseph and Mary in the live nativity. It was hard not to laugh as I covered Gunnar with my shawl, walked on stage, and then uncovered him when the time was right. But it went really nicely.

Gunnar was, of course, a perfect angel.

Do you think they had wrist watches during Christ's time?

Ashlin, Troy, and the rest of the nursery were sheep

There's the top of Abby's head. She was an angel.

After the nativity scene, Santa came!

Ashlin telling santa she wanted make-up. What?! she already wrote a letter to Santa saying she wanted a scooter, and he had already made it.

Abby also asked for Make-up, and Santa was working on that as well!

Apparently, Troy got back his fear of Santa. And the line was too long to care about coaxing him or Gunnar to take a pic. Especially since we've already got one.

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Bringhursts said...

Awesome! You guys look fantastic in those get-ups.