Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas at Parent-ed 12/11/09

On Thursdays, I take the kids to the Library for story time before picking Abby up from school. They sing songs, read stories, and then do a craft. This week they made crowns. Troy just wanted to cut paper, so I made one for Gunnar. Of course, once Gunnar had it on, then Troy wanted to wear it. It was so small on him, but it stayed on!

We had our last Parent-ed class before the winter break. Here are the masks Ashlin and Troy made for the craft

Pretty scary, huh?! Troy let me wear his

I don't know WHY Ashlin didn't want to take a picture with me?!

We had a big pot luck dinner, sang Christmas songs, and then Santa came! He let each of the kids sit on his lap, and gave them a Christmas book.

Ashlin and Troy with Ms JoAnne during circle time.

Ashlin and Santa

Troy and Santa

Gunnar and Santa!

I guess the kids are getting a little more comfortable with santa. (And this one was really nice and fun with the kids! Thanks Mr. Gantus!)

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