Thursday, November 5, 2009

Underwood Family Farms 10/09/09

Ashlin and Troy's Parent-ed class took a trip to the Underwood Family Farms. I was a little worried about getting back in time to pick Abby up. So when the teacher sent Abby home from school on Thursday for a runny nose, I thought it best to keep her home the next day so she could "get better". So she got to come with us and we stayed as long as we wanted.

We went on a tractor ride to see all the vegetables.

Then the kids got to pick their own sugar pumpkin.

Gunnar was having a blast!

My little sunflowers

Ashlin felt like the other flower was too high for her, so she took a picture in the smaller one!

Then we went through the corn maze with Justin and his mommy, Kathryn. It was hard, but we made it to the middle hey stack!

Victorious: Abby, Ashlin, Justin, and Troy

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Lindsey said...

We were at that farm exactly one week after you guys. That would have been crazy if we were their on the same day. I grew up in Moorpark, not sure if you knew that.