Thursday, November 5, 2009

BYU vs. SDSU 10/17/09

Here's a random picture of Ashlin holding Gunnar!

Earlier this week I realized that BYU was Playing SDSU in San Diego. So we decided to make a family outing of it! When Grant got done with Football practice, we loaded up the car and headed down. We stopped in Oceanside at a food court to meet our friends, Todd and Anjie Bringhurst. We had a nice lunch with them, their boys, and their cousins. Then we continued on down to the stadium. My parents also got tickets, so we met them there.

The Clark family in Cougar gear!

It's a good thing Ashlin brought her coloring book, it helped entertain Grandpa!

Our seats were right in the middle of the sun. Luckily, the seats behind us were shaded by the stadium and no one was sitting in them. What could have been a miserable game was really quite pleasant. As the sun went down, the people sitting right in front of us eventually got the sun blazing on them, but we just missed it!

This is the same stadium where the Chargers play.

Troy did pretty well considering the game was right during his nap time. He loves holding Gunnar!

After the game we got the kids dressed in their jammies and then stopped at Taco Bell for dinner to go. The kids ate and eventually fell asleep. We made it back in under 2 hours. We had a pleasant drive listening to the Angels game. Oh, and BYU won!

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Jeff said...

We totally went to that BYU game too with John and Grace!!! Too bad we didn't know you were there. We could have said hello.