Thursday, November 5, 2009

Best Buddies! 10/05/09

For some reason Abby's soccer practice got changed from Tuesday to Monday. And it just so happened to be at the exact same time and place as Brooke's practice. So after having a great time playing together and dumping that nasty red sand in each other's hair, I invited them all over for dinner. We had a yummy meal and then I gave all 5 kids a bath while Gina nursed her baby. They had so much fun together. I felt bad that they were at my house during "get ready for bed" time, so I got them all ready so they just needed to drive home. The kids felt like it was a slumber party.

Abby, Ashlin and Troy are so lucky to have such good friends in Brooke and Cami!


Marla said...

Looks like they had a blast....and I am so glad your kids are playing soccer! :)

Courtnie said...

Is Troy bigger than Cami? Isn't she older than him? He's a big sturdy boy. :)

Those are some cute kids!!