Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gunnar's Blessing 09-27-09

My little guy received a name and a blessing in church. Here he is in the special outfit that Troy wore as well. The white blanket in the back was given to me by my friend, Christy. She got it on a study abroad in Jerusalem. All 4 kids have been wrapped in it when they were blessed.

So handsome

Some of the priesthood had to leave immediately after the blessing due to illness and church responsibilities, so we were able to snag a picture of them all before the blessing.

Gr.Clark, Un. Brock, Dad, Gunnar, Un. D. Blood, Un. D. Bayles, Gr. Bayles

Dad and Grandpas

The family that came to support (and stuck around for the pics!) My Grandma White and Uncle Keith came as well.

The whole gang

Our cute little, big family!

3 Generations. Great Gr. White, Gr. Bayles, Mom, Gunnar

Loving parents!

Gr & Gr Clark

Our good friends, the Bringhursts, drove all the way up from Oceanside just in time to hear us all bear our testimony AFTER the blessing! Sorry Todd, maybe next time we'll FINALLY get you in the circle! We're just so glad they came. Since everyone was local, we just had the Bringhursts over for dinner and fun times letting the kids play. I'm really glad they could make, it made it really special.


Emily said...

Cute pictures! He looks so darling all in white. I'm glad it was such a fun day!

Bringhursts said...

Our timing is definitely impeccable. Also, wasn't it awesome that we forgot to bring shoes for Ethan? Classic.