Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Shirts 11-20-09

2 weeks ago the kids made Turkey shirts in their parent-ed class. They were made by painting their arms brown for the body, then painting their hands different colors for the feathers. Then, we added a little beak, woddle, feet, and voila...a turkey! Ashlin and Troy did a great job sitting there while the teacher painted. Gunnar was a little more difficult, but they turned out cute. Since Abby was in Kindergarten, we each had a part in her shirt. Ashlin was the body and the red and green feathers. Troy was the orange feathers, Gunnar the blue, and I was the yellow. Anyway, on Friday, everyone wore them to class.

Monique wrote the names for me. She accidentally spelled Gunnar's name with an E, so she cut out a piece of her daughter's shirt and sewed it over the mistake. Pretty sweet!

"How do I sore like an eagle, when I'm surrounded by Turkeys?" Grandpa White

Miss Jo Ann's class

After class I had to drop my van off at the shop. So I loaded the kids in the stroller and walked from Honolulu and La Crescenta Ave. down to Fremont Elementary. We got there in plenty of time, so we sat waiting for Abby to get out. Ashlin and Troy had a fun time running around on the grass.

Luckily I had water and almonds to keep them occupied!

After picking up Abby, we walked back up to Broadview. Our street is on the same line as the school, but it is on the other side of Verdugo. It's a crazy busy street and they only have cross walks with flashing yellow lights, and no crossing guard. I've crossed it before, and the cars didn't stop for us, so I refused to do it again with all the kids. So we had to walk back up the hill to Broadview where the next light is at.

Ashlin wanted to carry the backpack, and Troy insisted on walking. However, Troy kept stopping to pick up pinecones and we weren't getting very far. So Abby and Ashlin held either hand to help focus him. Unfortunately, that didn't last very long and I had to force him back in the stroller.

Don't we live in a beautiful town?

When we got up to Broadview, Abby said she was hungry and asked if we could stop at a restaurant. So we stopped at Pasta Preziosa, on the corner of Ocean View and Broadview. Grant was able to join us for like 20 minutes, before he had to head back to school and then leave for the CIF football game. We had a nice lunch and then headed home. From the time we left the mechanics, to the time we got home, it was 2 hours. It was a fun trip!

Here are some more pics Ashlin took!

I love her use of dimension and angles!


Jami and Scott said...

love the turkey shirts! What a fun idea. I'm totally stealing it for next year :)

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