Monday, November 23, 2009

Gunnar's First Solids 11-20-09

After we got home from our crazy walk around town, the phone kept ringing. I would answer it only to find a dial tone. After a while, I stopped answering it. I noticed that it would happen every half hour, ring three times, and then stop. About a minute later, it would ring again, three times, then stop. It kept doing this all night. Grant was gone to a CIF Football game, and I was getting a little freaked out. I called up my parents and they came over after seeing a movie. Dad was going to answer the phone with an intimidating voice and scare off however was calling. Of course, by the time they got here, the calling stopped. We figure it must have been some glitch in an automated telemarketing system. It was pretty creepy, though. (The phone did ring once while my parents were here. It was one of Grant's friends calling from Argentina. That was pretty funny!) And I was glad my parents had come over so they could help me take a picture of Gunnar's first solids.

I LOVE this shot! It's perfect!

I decided to start Gunnar on solids a little before his 4 month mark. I've worked a couple of shifts now, and he refuses to take the bottle. It's been nice, because it forces Grant to have to bring him to me so I can feed him. However, it's so sad, and Grant can't always come right when Gunnar is hungry. So I thought I could train him to eat rice cereal and get a little bit of something in his belly. He ate a little bit of it, but most of it was spit out.


Anonymous said...

everytime i look at pictures of gunnar i think what very handsome boy he is. most babies are just cute, but he is already handsome (and cute :)

Emily said...

can't blame him- that stuff is gross! He's getting so big!