Thursday, November 19, 2009

CVHS JV Football

Grant's Football team did really well this year! Despite the fact that it was his first year coaching, they had a winning season! They were undefeated in League with 2 games left. Burroughs was also undefeated, so this game was for the championship. Both my parents and Grant's came to support on this big night. Unfortunately we got slaughtered. I feel bad that they only game our parents saw was a loss. But Linda took a cute picture of our family afterwards.

This is what I look like at every game. I bring all four kids and lug them around in the stroller.

We took another so that Gunnar could be seen!

I stole these next pictures from Facebook as well

Isn't this a great picture of Grant? What a hottie!

We played Arcadia last, and we dominated! At the end of the game, he got a bucket full of ice water dumped on him!

Good Season, Coach Clark! It was fun, but we're glad you're back home! Now I know what they mean when they say "Football Widow". I felt like a single mother these past 2 months. Football takes WAY more time then soccer!

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