Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Cute Kids Nov 09

We finally got Abby's School picture this week! It was taken Sept 18th

Yes, those are fake Tatoos on her arms. Placed there at Jabe and Lucy's birthday party the Saturday before the picture.
Back row: Christopher, Nathan, Jinje, Katie, Carly, Abby, Mrs. Abboud
Middle row: Kyra, Harutyan, Mason, John, Manue, Jack
Front row: Sora, Nicholas, Sydney, Ella, Hyk, Laurie, Matthew, Darron

My kids love snuggling together in the big read chair and watching TV

They also love getting their picture taken!

I put Gunnar in Abby's Dora chair while working on the computer last night. I thought he looked so cute in it. He stayed there pretty well, although I couldn't leave him alone since Troy kept trying to pick him up!

Of course, the older siblings wanted to be in the picture too!

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