Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Parent-ed & Football 9-11-09

After taking Abby to Kindergarten, Ashlin keeps asking about when SHE gets to go to school. When told her we'd be starting Mrs. JoAnn's Parent-ed class she said, "Are you going to drop me off, leave, and then come back and get me?" She was pretty bummed when I explained that I would be staying with her. But, I added, "only to take care of Troy and Gunnar. " She so wants to be a big girl.

YAY! Troy's painting w/o eating the paint!! We're growing up!

What a great little artist!

Later that day I got to go to Grant's first ever Football game as the coach. Dena had offered to watch the 3 older kids while I went to the game. It was so great to just sit and watch Grant's first game. They did awesome! Well, at least I thought so. They creamed Verdugo Hills High School. But I guess they made a lot of mistakes. So Grant wasn't too happy. I was just amazed to see something that resembled football! I met a lot of the parents in the stands. The couldn't stop talking about how great he is. One lady said to me, "I mean, he teaches, coaches, has a family, and he really cares about the kids. How can you NOT love the guy?" "I do love him," I replied. She thought that was sweet. I was so proud of him!

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