Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Abby's First Ever Soccer Game! 9-12-09

Some of Abby's friends are all on a soccer team together "The Lovely Lady Bugs". They had one practice before the first game. When the ball dropped to start playing, a girl from the other team started dribbling the ball and went right passed Abby and her teammates who just stood there watching! Abby had a fun time running around. We look forward to athletic growth!

Our cute little soccer player!

Abby's a really fast runner, we'll focus on the positive!

They divide the team up and half plays on one half of the field, and the other half on the other.

A little into the game the girls started figuring it out. Abby even got some ball time. And today (11/7/09), Abby scored her first goal!

She's getting some exercise!

Abby's team played Brooke's team! It was a lot of fun playing together

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