Monday, July 20, 2009

6-17-09 Trip to Ashley's

My really good friend, Ashley, moved back to Orange County last year & I had yet to see her. With the baby coming soon, I figured we better make the trip ASAP, or it would be forever. So I loaded up the kids and drove to Ladera Ranch to see her. It was so great! I hadn't seen her since she moved to Oregon like 3 or 4 years ago. She was my very first friend in my married student ward. We hung out at her place for awhile, had lunch, and then took the kids to the park. It was like old times (only with 5 kids running around!) I left after the morning rush hour and came home before the evening traffic hit, so the trip was way too short, but well worth it! Here are our cute kids! They got along so well and were BFF by the end of the day!

Troy, Ashlin, Abby, Tara, & Tiffany

Abby and Tara, so sad to have to leave!

Tara & Ashlin! Tiffany wasn't interested in taking pics!

The hot mommas! Doesn't Ashley look amazing?! She's pregnant with #3!

Here's a picture of my kids the next day, waiting to go to gymnastics. Not only do they love watching tv, but they love doing it together! What a joy!

Thank goodness Abby finally learned to use the remote! It even allows me to sleep in a little. Too bad Abby's always the last of the kids to wake up. So we just put on a show for Troy when he wakes up at 5:30am and then hope Abby gets up soon enough to turn on another one before Troy comes back into the room to ask for more!

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