Monday, July 20, 2009

6-23-09 Abby's 5th Birthday!

My little girl turned 5 last month. Her last 2 birthdays were a little rough, so we tried to make this one really special for her. Gr & Gr Clark were over the night before, so here she is opening the present they gave her.

Abby loves the Scripture Scouts CD. The kids listen to it every night when they go to bed!

This is how we found Troy that night. Still getting used to the toddler bed.

Abby woke up pretty early the day of her B-day and played on the bed for a while. Then we had to get to business. The kids had Fruity Pebbles for breakfast (since it was a "special occasion")

Then Abby and Ashlin helped me decorate Abby's cupcakes!

Then we opened the presents from the family.

sparkly shoes from Troy, and walkie talkies from Ashlin.

I had just cleaned the car and all the carseat covers the day before. So the carseats were still in the living room after assembling them the night before. Troy was having fun!

I love this face! Dad gave Abby a new bike (this was more for us since the girls were always fighting over the one pink tricycle.)

Then Grandma came and picked up Abby to take her shopping for her present.

Abby picked out the Belle doll right away, and they were gone and back in 30 minutes! After that we went to gymnastics class and then to swimming lessons.

Abby, Brooke, and Troy at the side of the pool, waiting for their turn.

After swimming lessons, we went over to my mom's house for Primary swim. We didn't want to throw a whole, huge party, and my mom was already hosting Primary swim at her house that day, so we just told her friends and cousins that we would sing to Abby. It was perfect! We were there throughout the allotted time of Primary swim. We sang and handed out cupcakes right away, and as people came they brought little presents for Abby. She felt so special!

Ruby brought a Tinkerbell doll!

Nicole and Samantha gave her a hand-made pillow by Samantha!

Brittany gave Abby a floating dragon. It was a huge hit!

All the kids in the pool!

Noone wanted to get out for cake, so we brought the cake to Abby!

Ashlin eating her cupcake!

Katie and Abby on the dragon, or is it a lizard? I guess I didn't get a picture of the Blood kids with the Pretty Pretty Princess game that they brought!

Brooke came and brought Abby a HUGE birthday balloon! So fun!

Matthew and Andrew loving the cupcakes!

Camryn loved hers, too!

And so did Troy!

Lizzie and Jacob brought some fun, heart paper and pens

And the Bayles kids brought Cracker Jacks. Great hit since the kids hadn't really eaten much lunch, just some hot dog! Thanks everyone for making Abby's day so special!

We came home from the party and, of course, Troy had fallen asleep in the car. I put him down for a nap until dad got home. Then we went to Panda Express for dinner. (Abby's choice - she loves spicey chicken from "Kung Fu Panda"!) After dinner we walked over to Pinkberry for frozen yogurt!

All my kids are pretty light eaters, but when they get orange chicken and noodles in front of them, they go to town!

My 4 most favorite people in the whole world!

Troy was having a rough time. He didn't quite get his usual nap.

My sweet daughter! I'm so glad that Abby is a part of my life. She is so smart and fun. She is so inquizative, and I love talking to her about anything and everything. She is such a great helper to her brother and sister. I'm sad that she'll be leaving me for kindergarten, but I'm mostly excited for her. She is going to have so much fun in school and just thrive on learning!

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