Sunday, June 14, 2009

Abby's Got Street Credit!

See, I told you I'd do better about blogging. Last Saturday Abby and Ashlin went to a friends birthday party and they applied Tinker Bell Temporary Tattoos. Abby and I have talked about how bad tattoos are, so she was sure to ask dad if it was okay before she put it on. What a good girl. This week I took her shopping to find her birthday outfit. We didn't find anything we both loved, but we did find this one super cute hoodie outfit. I'm amazed she actually wore it because it's not pink and it's not a dress. She wore the hoodie all day, and with the tattoo on her arm, she looked so gangsta.

Here she is taking down her very large younger brother

Check out those guns!

Okay, I guess she really is a sweetheart.

Troy was playing on dads tummy and kept leaning over to give him kisses.

What a face!


macdonald's said...

Those are fun pictures!

Anonymous said...

That picture of her flashing her "guns" is priceless!

Emily said...

she's super fly. Awesome pictures :)

kathryn said...

troy and cash have all the same clothes... like the green stripped shirt in this post and the plaid button down shirt in the post about his new bed. we just have good taste, i guess!