Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spring Break in San Diego

The Varsity Baseball team was heading to San Diego to play a double header against Mater Dei. I worked Mon, Tues, & Wed, and we left Thursday. We caravaned with the team stopping for In-N-Out. The team headed to the hotel and we took a detour to drive past the San Diego temple. The kids love to see the temple and it's great to take that opportunity to visit different ones whenever we get the chance. It was a quick drive by, but worth it.

We got to the hotel as the team was leaving for batting practice. Grant unloaded the car and then left with the team. We all tried to nap and watch a show, but the kids were too wired to sit in something as cool as a motel room! So needless to say it wasn't very restful. When Grant got back we went swimming in the pool and then drove through downtown San Diego. It was really cool to see Petco Park where the Padres play. It is literrally buried in the middle of sky scrappers. We then ate at a restaurant in Old Town (unfortunately, the one that we went to during our honeymoon was all torn up).

Then we put the kids to bed and hung out on the balcony until they fell asleep. While we were standing there, a security guard came storming up the stairs and asked us if we knew who the coaches were. Grant said that he was a coach. The guy went off about how noisy the kids were and that they were getting lots of complaints and if they didn't quiet down they would be in serious trouble. "No noise is tolerated after 10pm!" he said. It was only 9:30 and we couldn't even hear the kids. Turns out they were boxing in their room, and it must have been the people below that complained. I want to know what kind of idiots they have in the front office that they would put a bunch of HS baseball players on the top row with other patrons below them. And it's only 9:30 for goodness sake. What did they expect from a bunch of teenagers? Anyway, pretty funny.

The next morning we went to breakfast. Troy was getting pretty fussy, so Grant took him outside while I waited for the check. Ashlin and I had a fun time taking pictures of each other.

Cute sisters

Abby said she wanted a picture of just her and Ashlin. This is what she got!

My shots of Ashlin

Her shots of me

This is me pretending that the orange is my smile!!

After breakfast we headed down to the ball field which was another 30-40 minute drive. Grant had to help coach because the head coach got really sick and had to go home. It was a fun game. We weren't able to stay because Grant had a double header softball game back in Glendale. We got there and the other team forfited. But it's probably better that we left when we did because we would have hit bad traffic and might have missed the second game. Saturday I took the kids to friend Shae's Birthday party, then cousin Andrew's party, and then to the Sunland ward auction/BBQ. We left Grant at home to work on his final assignment for his teaching credential. He got it all done, and now we're just waiting for all the processing and stuff. It wasn't exactly a restful Spring Break, but it was fun to be together as a family.

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