Tuesday, June 2, 2009

4/10/09- Easter Bunny comes to Parent-ed

The kids love their parent-ed class. The Friday before Easter, we had an Easter Egg hunt and a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny. Abby and Ashlin loved him (well actually, it was a her), but Troy was to freaked out to even get a picture with him.

Before the Easter Bunny arrived, the kids got turns wearing bunny ears and singing a cute songs with actions. Of course Abby and Ashlin picked it up right away, but we were amazed that Troy was eager to join in!

This is the kids in the class, watching the Easter Bunny arrive.

Saturday I worked, so the kids didn't go to our wards Easter Egg hunt. (I think they got plenty of opportunities to hunt!) Easter morning the Easter Bunny brought them each chocolate bunnies that they enjoyed before heading to church. We then had a nice Easter dinner with just our small family. The kids were obviously hyped up on sugar and kept running threw the living room yelling "Spring Break!" and then falling backwards to the floor. It was pretty funny to watch.

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