Tuesday, June 2, 2009

4/4/09 & 4/5/09- Egg hunts

Honestly, is there anything cuter than watching kids look for Easter eggs? Well, not too many things. So sorry for all the pics of my kids looking for easter eggs. Saturday we went to the La Crescenta Ward's Easter Egg hunt. They had a lesson about Easter before and then let the kids loose. They let the younger kids out first, and then let the older one's out. Unfortunately, the led the younger kids to an area where there weren't a lot of eggs. Abby is so patient and didn't push for them. But she ended up with only one egg (each kid brings 12 filled eggs, the youth hide them, and then they are allowed to collect 12 eggs) by the time they let the older kids out. Needless to say there was no hope for her to beat out the older kids. Thankfully, some of the youth helped Abby search for her eggs in the obscure placed they had hidden them.

Do you see Grant sleeping in the back corner during the lesson? He was dressed for Priesthood session afterwards.

Isn't it amazing how quickly babies pick up on the concept? Troy had a blast.

Ashlin had no troubles finding eggs and was hanging out eating her eggs while Abby kept searching!

Troy had a little harder time. Matt Barnes kept dropping eggs right in front of him, since he would spot one, go to get it, and then be beat out by an older kid.

Happy Hunters!

The next day we celebrated easter has a family at Dena's house. It was a week early, because a large majority of the family was going to Utah for Spring Break and would be gone on the actual Easter Sunday. So we had our regular FHE and then the hunting began.

Natalie thought Troy's basket was a hat!

Almost all the cousins - John, Matt, and Emma didn't make it in the pic I guess

Same rules applied as the previous day, but the kids figured it out a lot quiker this time. Plus, the older kids weren't allowed out until the younger ones had their 12.

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