Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Grant!

Today my sweetheart turns 31. It seems to be the blogging trend to post the 31 reasons we love our husbands on their birthdays, so here I go (in no particular order).

1. He's hot! Just look at that senior picture above! He's even hotter now.
2. Last night he killed the hugest, ugliest, why is it even in my house, cockroach I have ever seen. Thanks honey!
3. He loves sports.
4. He lets me enjoy the things I want to enjoy, if ever I choose to.
5. Me: "Abby, why do you love your dad?" Abby: "because he's such a great one."
6. He IS a great daddy, loves our kids, and is excited to have a fourth!
7. He's an amazing teacher and coach.
8. He changes poopy diapers.
9. He gives the kids baths
10. He takes care of the kids first thing in the morning so that I can get some more sleep.
11. He tells me daily how hot & beautiful I am and that he loves me. (even when I feel fat & ugly)
12. He listens to my super long stories and pretends to be interested.
13. He's really funny.
14. He tells great stories.
15. He loves his family and gets along well with mine.
16. After 5 years together in Utah, he finally brought me back to Cali and promised to never make me go back!
17. He's committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ
18. He doesn't take anything too seriously
19. He never worries. Which sometimes bugs me, but it helps calm me down.
20. He's the compassionate one. The kids go to him when they get hurt.
21. He's a good disciplinarian
22. He never lets ANYONE intimidate him.
23. He makes the bed and puts all 20 pillows on the bed even though he hates them and would rather throw them away.
24. He might be an old 31 year old fart, but he still acts 16.
25. He gives the kids a lot of attention.
26. He calls to see how I'm doing before he asks me if he can be home late.
27. He let me be in the stake play this summer, even though that meant he had to watch the kids every night and listen to all my complaints.
28. He loves movies like Goonies, Fever Pitch, Billy Madison, but he also likes to see good broadway plays like Wicked, Phantom, and Les Miserables
29. If he loses in sports, he is still just as pleasant after the game as when he wins. He loves winning and is very passionate. I love the fact that he's been kicked out of games and received yellow cards! He never does anything bad to deserve them, he just gets on the ref's nerves!
30. He always tries to put my needs first.
31. I get to be with him for eternity!


Jami and Scott said...

Scott and I both think Grant tell great stories. It's not just that the stories are good, but the way he tells them. It's sweet. Happy birthday to Grant!

Bringhursts said...

Happy Birthday, Grant! Also, that is seriously the RADDEST pic I've ever seen.

Karen Lewis said...

Happy-papy birthday Grant! You are the cutest little brother I have! Oh. You are the only little brother I have. Only you aren't little. Just younger. Anyway, I sure love you! Love that picture! Stacy, you are so awesome!

Bringhursts said...

Guests would be fine on the 19th, Stacy. We have Todd's family coming in the next day so just let me know.

The Clems said...

that would be so fun!! i will get in contact with you as it gets closer!