Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Raining It's Pouring

It's raining today. I just love summer rain! Oh wait, it's not summer. The 70-80 degree weather must have thrown me off. Yes, it is raining, but we don't have to put on jackets, and in fact, my kids are all wearing shorts &/or skirts. I love California! Anyway, here are some random pictures for you viewing pleasure. As soon as I get the pictures that my mom and sister took at Christmas, I'll post those. But for now, we're moving forward and not dwelling on the undocumented past!

January 3, 2009- Day with the horses
Ashlin's nursery leader is a trainer for 15 horses. She invited all the nursery kids and families to come play with the horses. Grant is pretty allergic to horses, so I just took the girls and he stayed home with Troy. When we were done, I stripped the girls down before they got into the car. When we got home, I left the shoes outside, took all the clothes off and straight into the laundry. Then into the shower that Grant had heated u p for us before we got home. Our planning wasn't perfect, as Grant had to bathe the girls and he got a little itchy on his arms and eyes. But it worked out okay and we made it to my niece, Katelyn's, baptism.

First the kids got to lead the horse around in a circle.

Then the got to feed all the horses carrots and apples. Abby wouldn't come near the horses at first, but she would stand next to this mini.

Eventually Abby warmed up to the horses and even went riding! Some of the adults did as well. I saw how some of them had to stick their bums out to mount the horse and one dad even ripped his pants big time. So I opted just to watch!

January 5th- Our last trip to Disneyland

Our passes expired this month, so we took one final opportunity to go to Disneyland

Abby loves "Soarin' Over California" so that was her request for our first stop. The line was really short, so both Grant & I got to take turns watching Ashlin & Troy and escorting Abby on the ride.

Sitting in the letters! I have no idea why they wanted to take pictures in the O and R when there are 2 A's. Kids?!

Waiting for Dad & Abby to return from "Soarin"

The kids loved the Monsters, Inc. ride. Here's the whole family looking scared!

Then to the Aladdin show. It was Grant's first time seeing it. It's pretty good. Troy even sat through the whole thing!

No trip is complete without getting to see the Princesses!

January 6, 2009- Pajama swapping

Ashlin wanted to wear Troy's jammies, so I took some pics of my cute kids! Troy loved charging the camera and seeing what the picture looks like, so it makes it hard to get a good shot of him!

January 11, 2009- Church Hair-do's and Talent show

I put curlers in Abby's hair, but she couldn't see how pretty it looked from the back, so I took a picture of it. And of course, Ashlin wanted to see her hair, too!

Before going to bed that night, the kids put on a talent show from Grandma & Grandpa Clark. Check out my facebook page for the super cute videos!

January 12, 2009- Helping Grandpa with yard work

We had a great time outside racking up the leaves!


The Clems said...

i so badly want to go to disneyland right now! i also want to be in that california weather! you are lucky!

Brandon and Amber said...

Wow, you've been busy! Samantha has the same shirt Abby is wearing when you were at the horses--they could be twins!

I love the girls in their princess dresses at disneyland. My girls would love that! You're making me miss California.

Mark and Tammy said...

I am jelouse with the weather-oy.I love all the fun pictures you took. I had to laugh at the letter pictures (outside of Disneyland) I have so many of those with my kids because that was also their favorite picture place. Who doesn't love Disneyland?

Marnie said...

Isn't the weather great, aside from today's rain. I actually find the rain refreshing from the heat we've been having.

I can't believe how grown up your kids all look. I swear they were all just babies.

Walker Family said...

I am jealous of the weather. It is only 10 deg in colorado. Congratulations on the new baby on the way. Your kids are getting so big.

Emily said...

Man you have the cutest kids! It's hard to believe Troy is already that big. You were still nursing him at Natalie's blessing... but I guess that was a while ago. :) Time flys. I'm so jealous of you and your shorts wearing weather. I hate this stupid snow. We may appear on your doorstep one of these days... surprise!