Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Idiot Alert!

I feel like the biggest idiot right now! Here's the background! Last Thursday I was getting ready for bootcamp (sponsored by the church-love it!), and I couldn't find my shoe. I had the left foot, but not the right. Bootcamp started in 30 minutes, so I put the one shoe on and proceeded to tear the house apart trying to find my other shoe. When Grant go home 5 minutes later, he helped me look. No luck! Grant made some crack like, "if you'd just put things back where they belong, you wouldn't lose things." Of course we both knew that was a total joke since I'm the one that always nags him about those things and it was pretty obvious that Troy was most likely the culprit. He was constantly putting things in the large trashcan at my parent's house and my dad had to buy a new remote control for the tv since, we suspected, Troy had thrown it away. I had noticed Troy playing in my closet since that last time I had warn them, so I knew he had something to do with the strange disappearance. I think a shoe is a little big to not notice it in the trash can. Plus, we had bought a small trashcan with a hard to open lid to help prevent that from happening at our new house. Anyway, I really didn't want to miss boot camp, so Grant leant me one of his shoes. I looked pretty silly with one white, properly fitting shoe and one black, extremely large shoe. But, I'm pretty committed, and I went anyway! I even stuck around for the RS halloween party afterwards, and everyone thought it was part of my costume. Well, Abby and I have been praying that I would find my shoe. I just can't feel good about buying a new pair of shoes when we're struggling to make house payments, and I have a perfectly good pair of shoes SOMEWHERE in the house. I just had a feeling that they were still in the house.

It was a long weekend and we hadn't found the shoe yet. I worked Friday and Saturday night, so the house was quite a mess. I was supposed to do the laundry on Monday, but I was really busy all day and I was so tired from not sleeping this weekend that I didn't get it done. I have bootcamp again tonight, and I didn't want to show up with different shoes again, so I made Grant take me to Sport Chalet last night to buy a new pair of shoes. It was not the funnest trip. The kids were running around the store and I tried on 5 different pairs of shoes. (I hate buying tennis shoes, I hate wearing them, I hate spending money on them, and no matter how well they fit they are too restricting. I'm a sandals kindda gal!) I finally settled on a pair that was inexpensive and cute, but not the most comfortable! (Cause we gotta look good when we work out, right ladies!) Well, this morning I grabbed the basket of "whites" and started loading it into the washer, and what did I find? That's right, my shoe! Not only did I find my tennis shoe in there, but I also found one of my sandals that I didn't even know I was missing. Man, if only I had done the laundry yesterday like I had planned, or been smart enough to look in the basket in the first place. Our laundry basket is kept in our closet, right next to our shoes! DUH!!! Well, at least our prayers were answered, and I found it BEFORE going to bootcamp. Now I can return the shoes and get my $50 back! I just wish I had had more faith and not bought the new shoes in the first place.


BBC said...

that's hilarious!!! poor troy is always getting blamed isn't he????

Brandon and Amber said...

Amy is the culprit stealer in our house--she is always getting blamed for things that are lost! Glad you found your shoe and got to take back the other ones. Is one shoe more clean than the other from being washed?