Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama v. McCain

Here is the truth: they are both full of crap. I recently watched a clip of a debate. They sounded like two high school boys telling on each other. McCain told Obama that he (Obama) should apologize for some of the things that another Democratic Senator said about McCain.

The last time I checked, no one cared who hurt the feelings of an old man who was running for President of the United States. If I am wrong...please say something. I, for one, don't care if his feelings got hurt or if he still wets the bed. My question is can either of these guys run a country and get us out of the financial crisis that we are in? Or are we going to listen to a bunch of war stories from Vietnam during the State of the Union Address each January?

McCain, here is your apology: I am sorry that your mom didn't teach you that somethings that people say to, or about, you may be mean-spirited, hurtful, rude and completely untrue. I hope that you will earn some self-confidence (think of all the good you did in the war way-back-when) and remember what kind of person you really are. You don't have to wait for an apology for every small thing that ever happened to you. Some people just don't care why your feelings are hurt, Mr. President.

Sorry to those of you who know me best. I think this is probably the first time that you have ever heard anything political come out of my mouth, or finger tips, and I promise to return to my boring updates ASAP.



Erin said...

Did you miss in the debate that it was Obama that started that whole thing because he was mad that Sarah Palin didn't stand up for him when someone yelled from the audience to Kill Obama? And McCain just joined in the whining.

They are both poop, and neither of them should be our next pres.

November 4th is a scary date!

jbsorenson said...

GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lacey.costner said...

WEll all I know is that Obama really is discouraging me from wanting my Husband to become a Dentist, maybe I should sit on my @$$ and collect Wellfare checks, that seems to be the easiest and best option since he is all about Spreading the Wealth, and giving money to 40% of people who don't even pay you are benefiting society how??