Wednesday, January 12, 2011

05/09/2010- More "All-About-Me" Pics

Here's Gunnar's "Favorite Food" Picture for his book. I don't know that mashed peas is really his favorite food, but this was such a cute picture, I couldn't resist putting it in the book!

Apparently Abby and Ashlin think their beds are too big and they needed to squeeze in with Troy!

We did a little mini photo shoot taking turns with the kids for their "Mommy and Me" and "Daddy and Me" section of the book

We figured we could combine Troy's "Daddy and Me" and "Favorite Game" pictures in one!

Gunnar's putting up a pretty good defensive line!

I didn't put this in the book, I just thought it was a cute pic!

The kids with their teacher Miss JoAnn

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