Wednesday, January 12, 2011

05/05/2010-Dana Point

My mom called me one afternoon to say that they had been using up my Grandma's time share days at Dana Point with Scot and Brittany. They couldn't stay any longer, leaving a whole empty room. So I packed up and headed down after picking up Abby from school. We went straight for the beach. It was a little chilly, but the kids had fun!

And this is what Ashlin looked like after totally wiping out!

Then we went swimming in the pool where we discovered tar all over our feet and shoes from the beach. After a fun swim, we went back to the apartment, cleaned up, and ate dinner. While I was preparing dinner, Brittany helped Abby with her Ocean's Diarama. It turned out great!

A more up close view! Thanks Aunt Brittany!
I put the kids to bed, then hung out with Scot and Brittany playing games. We went home the next morning. Short trip, but fun!

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Robins Family said...

Hooray- you posted! Looks like you are having a grand old time toting your 4 kids around. Wish we could play with you!