Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jenn's Funeral 02/26/10

A couple of days before Jenn's Funeral I got to participate with David, my mom, sisters and sister-in-law in dressing Jenn's body. It sounds like it would be a really weird task, but it was really neat. Jenn looked so beautiful and at such peace. We worked as a team putting on her burial clothing, which was surprisingly very difficult. I enjoyed spending time with my siblings and hearing some of the faith building experiences Dave and the boys have had since her death. For the funeral, we decided we would all wear purple. It is one of Jenn's favorite colors, but is also the color for GIST awareness. It was really neat seeing most of her family and close friends showing their love and support in purple! The young women of the LCII ward provided babysitting for the family so that we could enjoy the meeting. Here's our little family when we dropped the kids off at the nursery.

There was a viewing in the Relief Society room. A few minutes before the funeral we met for a family prayer.

Some aunts and uncles came all the way from Utah and Arizona.

We were expecting a lot of people at the service, but I spent so much time by the nursery and Relief Society room, that I didn't notice too big of a crowd. However, as we all filled into the chapel, I was SHOCKED to see how many people were there. The chapel was full, and the cultural hall was packed all the way back to the stage and people were even sitting on the stage. There were probably about 600 people there. The service was great. Such a wonderul tribute to her life. Dave and the boys sat on the stand so that they could look out at the audience during the service. I was grateful for the chance to sing with the other ladies just so I could look out at the audience, too.

Here's a copy of the program. If you click on the picture it should be large enough to read.

Here are the pallbearers taking the casket to the minivan that will drive the casket to Utah for the burial.

The sisters

There was a wonderful display of pictures and art work of Jenn's in the Multi-purpose room. We also had the video playing and the book of letters on display.

Todd and Michelle, two of David's best friends from High School were there! So great to have them!

The wonderful kitchen helpers!

We had a really nice family dinner where we all got to watch the video and eat together.

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