Sunday, June 6, 2010

Burial in Salt Lake 03/01/10

The day after the funeral, Mom, Dad, Dave, and the boys headed to Utah with the casket. I had to work, so Gunnar and I caught a ride with Brock on Sunday. Dena, Scot, and Brittany also rode with us. We had a really great time talking and joking. It was very strange taking that drive without a bunch of went so fast. Gunnar just slept the whole time and nursed when we stopped. It was a really pleasant trip. When we got there we met up with the rest of the family at TGI Fridays (Becky's whole family also drove up). It was fun having the siblings all together in such a small setting/without 20 grandkids. David seemed to be doing fairly well, just a little manic from lack of sleeping and going 90 miles an hour with funeral arrangements. We were all just hoping to give him some support and help take his mind off things a little.

The kids: Becky, David, Me, Mom, Brock, Dena, Mike, Dad, Scot

Brock's in-laws have an apartment by the Salt Lake Temple that they let us stay in. The next morning we went to the JSMB for breakfast before heading to the cemetary.

Jenn was buried in Salt Lake Cemetary. The same cemetary where most of the prophets of the church are buried. So many people came to the burial. There were a ton of Bayles and Young family members as well as a bunch of LaCrescenta Transplants. It felt like a LaCrescenta Reunion.

Sam Carson

The Pinkstons and Blacks

The Jensens and Robinsons

Dad getting ready to conduct

Look at all these people!

Blacks, Salos, Bayles, Youngs

The burial service was very nice. Leticia Strong played the Viola and another friend played the harp. David gave a beautiful dedicatory prayer. Afterwards we all went to a local church for a lunch provided by a local ward.

Aunt Linda and Jen and Bruce Cudney

Jaylene Lundt and her parents

Young family/friends?

The Robins Family

Pinkstons and Laurie Peterson

The musical talent: ? and Leticia

The spread

Young Family/friends?

More people I don't know

And more?

Hey, I know these guys! Peterson Cousins!


Someone I don't know and Lindsey Jones

Robinsons came from Idaho and the Langes!

Jenn's Young women: Jennifer Momsen, Megan Salo, and Bree Matherly

Kathy, Janet, Mom

Mom, Linda, Millie

Mitch and Young cousins staying entertained

Laura and Kelli

Gunnar and Lucy

Brock and Dena left right after the burial to head back home. Dad and I left after lunch. Mom stayed with Dave and the boys in Utah for a few more days.

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