Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ashlin's Birthday Party 02/20/10

Saturday was the "friend party" for Ashlin. I woke up that morning feeling terrible. I felt really weak and was stuck in the bathroom most of the morning. The party wasn't until 2pm, so I tried to just rest in the morning. I sent Grant shopping for a couple of things, but most of the stuff was ready, just needed to be set up. About 12pm I decided I needed to get cleaning and setting up. I started on the dishes and nearly passed out. So I called my mom and practically bawling begged her to come set up for me. She had already planned on showing up early, so she was happy to come even earlier. Mikey was in town for Johnny's Eagle Court, so he came too. What a HUGE help. I'm so grateful to live near family. Ashlin got a hold of the camera and took some smashing pictures!

Trying to pretend like I feel great!

Mikey setting up the streamers and mom preparing the food.

Troy and Ashlin being "helpful"

We did most of the party in the back room. Mikey ran a rousing game of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"

The kids built their own English Muffin pizzas and we ate outside

Aunt Becky made an AMAZING cake! Thanks Aunt Becky!

Troy couldn't wait to try some of the frosting!

Lexi, Abby, Cami, Annika, Eli

Michael and Lyla

Ashlin and Natalie


Jack (Ashlin says she's going to marry Jack!)


Thanks Mikey for all your help! The kids had a blast!

Opening presents!

I left the room to go get something and came back and most of the presents were opened. I don't know who gave what, so Thank you! She got quite a stash!

Mom had to leave early, so we just left the house a mess for me to clean the next day. No biggie, it was over and everyone had fun and I didn't kiel over!

Later that night I pulled myself together enough to go to John Blood's Eagle court.

We are very proud of him! I'm glad at least ONE of our kids was looking at the camera for the picture!

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