Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ashlin's Birthday (the day after) 02/18/10

The next day we were all in a bit of a funk. I dropped Abby off at school and told her teacher what had happened just in case Abby brought it up. Then we went to Ashlin's 4 year old check-up at the doctor's office. The kid's doctor is so great. She could tell I wasn't doing well. She had an intern following her around. At the end of the check-up, she asked in intern to leave so that she could talk to me in private and find out what was wrong. I didn't think I was showing my sadness too much, but I guess losing a loved one is hard to hide. Ashlin passed her check-up with flying colors! Here she is in her cute little paper gown!

During the check-up Becky called to say the morgue was at the house to pick up the body. I told them not to wait for me since I'd be a while. We spent the next few hours just hanging out at David's house. The Relief Society came and helped clean up and get rid of a lot of the clutter that had accumulated while Jen was sick. Mitchell and Zach were performing in the talent show at school with Ashley and Bryan. So we went and watched that. It was really cute. Zach opted out of the performance. But Mitch, Ashley, and Bryan did great. Then we all went back to Dave's house and had sandwiches that the Relief Society had brought over. We eventually moved to Dena's house. Everyone just wanted to be together. Later that evening was Abby and Ashlin's first day of Dance class. They danced to "Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile". It was really cute!

After dance class we met up with Dad at the end of the CIF soccer game. Then we all met up at home to finally open Ashlin's Birthday presents.

Friday, at Parent-ed, Miss JoAnn and the class sang Happy Birthday to Ashlin!

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