Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday 11/27-11/29

The Friday after Thanksgiving we took the kids the The Aquarium of the Pacific.

It looks like a plant, but it's really a fish! Wooooooow! Ooooooooh! Aaaaaah!

Here is Ashlin petting a shark!

And Troy checking out the birds!

Saturday I was called off work because it was so slow, so we took advantage of the Black Saturday sales and got most of our Christmas shopping done! We realized that we had thrown away our tree last year because Troy toppled it over and broke it. So we took a trip to Costco and bought a very fancy tree for way more money then we could afford. But, it's over with now and we hope the tree will last us for many, many, many Christmases. On Sunday we decorated for Christmas. We put the tree up in the morning and did the rest of the decorations after church.

Troy wanted to attach the top of the tree!

The kids decorated the bottom of the tree with non-breakable ornaments, and Grant put the glass ones on top! Gunnar had the honor of topping in the tree with the star!

Well, with a little help from Dad, anyway!

My twinners! Don't they look dashing in blue?! It brings out their beautiful, blue eyes!

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