Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gunnar 4 months and Thanksgiving Day

Here's Gunnar at 4 months! Isn't he precious?

This is a great dimple shot! Every time you look at this kid, he gives you a huge smile like that!

And here's Troy practicing some Yoga, I guess?!

Grant and Abby had school off Wed-Sun of Thanksgiving. I worked Wednesday. On Thanksgiving day Grant got up early and played some football. He took a huge dive right at the end of the game and scrapped up his leg pretty bad. He was pretty sore the rest of the day. We went up to my mom's house and the kids and boys played some soccer while the women prepared the meal. Every year my mom just cuts up the Turkey before dinner. This year she purchased and fancy turkey and ham that some bakery made. It looked like a "real" Thanksgiving meal!

There's the turkey and ham-mainly decoration. The sliced up turkey is in front. The Clark family got to eat right away since I had to go in to work at 2pm. I had wanted to work Thanksgiving Day since it's time and a half, but I guess everyone else did too. So I worked out a deal with a co-worker and I came in so she could leave early and go to dinner. It was a fun day!


BBC said...

tama has the same cute outfit gunnar does! gunnar is so cute! i'm glad you guys found him!

Anonymous said...

Thank u ;-) look at that emo boy one on this blog: