Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Craft

Our friends, the Campbells, had given us a bunch of their daughters toys and a really nice vanity for the girls. Among the toys was a Christmas craft. Since we didn't have a lot of money to buy presents for all of our friends and family, I thought the kids could make this crafts and we could give them away. We spent several days putting the plastic pieces on the pegs just right, and them melting them together with an iron. The slightest movement knocked half the pieces off it's pegs. So, we had to be very careful until they got ironed together. Then I strung thread through them and wrapped 'em up. I actually did most of them, but the kids each made a few.

I was really impressed with Troy. He would work very carefully to line them up just right. He never followed any pattern, but when he was down he would say it looked like a train, or a reindeer, or a car.

Here are the finished products. Troy's are the far left: 2 cars, a boat, and some random stuff. Just below that is the heart Ashlin made (green in the middle-we ran out of white), and the broken pieces from another heart she made (I didn't iron it very well, I guess). And the top right is what Abby made-hexagon, multi-colored star, and snowflake in the square.

So proud!

Troy showing off his creations

Close up of the details

I just about had a panic attack as Troy would crawl all over the table with all the stuff out. Or worse, he was sitting on one of my knees working on his project while I was working on mine and trying to iron. Then Ashlin comes over and tries to help Troy sip some of her red Gatorade. Of course it spills all down his front and down my leg. I had a few screaming fits- all in the spirit of Christmas!

I was a little worried that they wouldn't want to give them away after all the work they put into them. However, they were really excited to give them to their friends and cousins!


Anonymous said...
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Tricia said...

Those TOTALLY remind me of doing student RN rotations at the state psych hospital.. we made them all the time!

Anonymous said...
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Princess Grace Photography said...

you are so good with all that crafty stuff.