Thursday, November 5, 2009

Utah Trip Day 4 10/24/09

Saturday morning we got up and joined Dena's Family at the BYU Homecoming Parade. We had a great time yelling for the Law School, the Nursing school, and all the other crazies.

We were most excited about seeing Uncle Mikey, who was dancing with the BYU Ballroom Team. Unfortunately, by the time they got to us, they were so far behind that they all just ran right past us. Mikey did take a second to come give the kids a hug.

Too bad my camera was spazing out and this was the only picture I got of him. Not even worthy of posting, but I did any way!

This "Fuel Efficient" float was my favorite!

After the parade we picked up Mikey and we all went to the park and then to Fuddruckers. Then the Bloods dropped us off at the hotel before they headed to Salt Lake to visit some of Dave's family. The kids and I rested in the hotel room watching shows. My parents got back from Blanding shortly after, and we loaded up the car. Then they headed off to the game and I watched it from the hotel room. We got smoked, and by Half Time the kids were restless. So we walked over to Pizza Factory for dinner. By the third quarter, my parents had had enough, and they all left the game. My mom watched the kids for me while I went out to dinner with my dad and brothers. It was nice to spend time with them without the kids.

The next morning we woke up nice and early, pulled the kids out of bed and headed home. The ride home didn't go as smoothly as the kids were really tired from a crazy week and waking up early that morning. Plus, my mom was with us, which meant I had to ride in the back with the kids. Every time they yelled, it was right in my ear. It was rough, but we made it home. Gunnar was an angel, of course. Grant came home early from school to meet us and help us unload. It was great to be back home!

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Marla said...

Sounds like a bitter-sweet trip. I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. :(