Friday, November 6, 2009

Gunnar's First Hair Cut 10/27/09

See that mohawk? Yeah, that's the perfect target for a sweet 2 year old big brother to pull and torment little Gunnar. Plus, it's not the cutest of dos. We shaved Abby's hair at 9 months, and didn't regret it for a second. Ashlin and Troy both had pretty full heads of hair, so it grew in nicely. Not only is Gunnar pretty thin up top, but the hair pulling really was getting out of control. So off it came!

So trusting and patient.

Oooh, he's feeling the buzz!

My blue eyed boys! They're twinners!

Time to rinse off the tiny little pile of hair!

I have a picture of each of my babies taking a shower with daddy. Is that strange? At least it's PG.

As a follow up note, Troy still tried pulling at Gunnar's head and when he got no hair, he pinched his scalp. However, a couple days later, the pulling stopped. I call that a successful operation! Now he just torments Gunnar by sitting on him or playing "catch" with him. Sigh

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