Sunday, November 1, 2009

Troy's 2nd Birthday & Gunnar's 1 month

Since Troy's birthday was on a Sunday, we got ready for church and then opened presents from the family. We scheduled a little party for him the next day.

He got a little tool belt! So cute

Here are the kids "fixing" dad!

And here is what Gunnar looked like at 1mo.

It's fun to look at the picture of him in his car seat the day he came home from the hospital. He was so tiny then, he's so much bigger now!

He had a lot of baby acne!

Monday morning Troy helped me make his cake!

Oh yeah, that's one sweet cake that I made! Well, I baked it & frosted it, then I brought Becky the Yellow frosting so she could write on it and the girls put the sprinkles on! I'm all about simplicity! Or I'm just lazy!

Blowing out the candles

Here are the birthday guests: Cousins Camryn, Cousins Matthew and Andrew
We invited the friends that were Troy's age, but of course, all the cousins were welcome too!

Opening presents

Troy absolutely LOVED his Train set from Grandma Bayles and CAT tractors from Grandma Clark! Trucks, Trains, and Tools. That's a 2 year old, I guess!

Happy Birthday, Troy! We love you!

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Karen Lewis said...

I love the pictures! Happy birthday, Troy. Love you all. What a cute family.