Monday, November 2, 2009

Kindergarten Orientation Aug 27, 2009

Before school official started, Abby had a Kindergarten Orientation. We went and met with her teacher and learned what we needed to do each day for school, what supplies we needed to bring, and basically get the child familiar with the classroom. I felt like this was more like the first day of school, since she would be meeting her teacher and classmates for the first time. So, we got all dolled up!

Isn't she beautiful? I can't believe how grown up she is!

My mom came to babysit the other kids while Grant & I took Abby

Troy & Ashlin wanted in on the action too!

Ashlin loves her blankie! (Side note: I took the kids to the dentist in October and the dentist told Ashlin she needed to stop sucking on her blankie. So, when we got home I put her blankie in the laundry basket and found a "special" blanket for Ashlin to sleep with. She hasn't sucked on a blanket since. Nor has she asked for her old blanket back. I guess she's growing up too!)

Here's Abby sitting on the carpet in class. That's Katie next to her. She and Abby have already become good friends.

Abby with her teacher, Mrs. Abboud

Abbys' cubbies

In front of the Fremont sign

I figured it would be too crazy on the first day of school, so we took a picture in front of the marque and pretended. Little did we know that Aug 31 wasn't going to be the first day of school!

Abby got some spirit gear to show her Bear pride! Dad likes to call her a "Fremonster".


Jeff said...

If you were giving out sticks of gum for reading all your recent blogs, it would take some serious effort! Diana and I enjoy reading your posts. I'm gonna try and read them in my spare time...

Grant and Stacy said...

This last one I put up is a doozy! And they're still coming! I've still got 2 months to go! Let me know if you finish them all, I'll send you a whole pack in the mail!!! =-)