Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Friends 11/3-4/09

On Tuesday's, Abby has a music class at my BFF's house (aka Chloe Ross). While she's in her class, we hang out on the front lawn with Leah's mom and brother, Grant. Apparently Grant had just gotten a buzz cut like Troy's, and they were both wearing BYU shirts. So, of course we had to take a picture of the twinners! It wasn't so easy to get them to pose for the picture!

Ashlin tried helping out a little!

On Wednesdays, Ashlin is in a joy school with Cami B. and two friends from our ward, Enzo P. and Lexi C. We had it at our house this time, and the kids had a blast with the dress ups!

I thought this was the cutest picture!

I love how the girls are looking at Troy. I turned on some Princess music, and all the kids were spinning around, including Troy!

Some day, when Troy and Lexi are teenagers, I'll show them this picture. So cute how Troy has his arm on Lexi's back! Oh and Enzo is in the corner playing with the train. Pretty obvious who has older sisters and who doesn't!

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