Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 10/30/09

Since Halloween was on a Saturday, we got to celebrate it for 2 whole days! Friday was CRAZY! Dad had to leave early for school, so I had to get all the kids ready by myself. Luckily their costumes were pretty simple.

Ashlin was Alexa from Barbie and the Diamond Castle

Cowboy Troy

Ariel Abby

Festive Gunnar

Lookin' Good!

The whole crew!

We hurried over to Abby's school. My mom met us there so she could see the kids in their costumes before heading to the other two Elementary Schools for their costume parades. Abby's school starts at 8am, but the parade wasn't until 8:30am. So we staked out our spot and waited for Abby.

Abby sitting patiently with her Kindergarten class. The redheaded boy is Jack. We just discovered that he lives 2 houses down for us.

The parade started off with the principal and office staff, then went by grade. The adults/teachers from each grade had a theme.

The Principal and staff were joggers.

Troy was having a blast watching!

Of course the Kindergarten classes were last, since they are the cutest!

Mrs. Abboud's class gathered for a class picture.

Troy ran up to join Abby and give her a hug and kiss.

Everyday when we drop Abby off at Kindergarten, Ashlin and Troy give her the biggest hugs and stand there waving at her as she goes inside.

Troy and Mrs. Abboud are twinners! (The Kindergarten teachers all dressed as cowgirls)

After the parade, we raced over to Parent-ed to participate in the parade there. The kids loved wearing their costumes and marching around the classroom.

Group picture with Miss Joanne

Later that day we went to daddy's football game, and the kids wore their costumes. All the parents had a blast playing with them. Some parents even had special treats that they brought for the kids. At one point I turned to talk to a parent, and when I turned back around, Troy was gone. Apparently there was an opening to the field that I didn't know about, and Troy had run onto it in the middle of the game. One of the parents got a picture of Grant carrying Troy off the field.

I don't know why these pictures are so small. I copied them off of Facebook.

Here's another one she took of Troy with chocolate all over his face!

We left the game early and headed over to the LaCrescenta Ward's Trunk-or-Treat. (We were in Utah during our ward's)

The girls had a great time seeing all their friends!

Grandpa took Gunnar around during the costume parade!

Trunk or Treating. My kids move pretty slow, and by the time they got to some of the cars, they were all out of candy. Apparently some of the older kids had already been by several times. I'm not so sure that was such a bad thing. They had fun anyway, and I'm glad they didn't get that much candy!

Someone made their trunk like a haunted house. You had to climb through it to get the candy. There wasn't anymore candy, but they climbed in it anyway!

The next day (Halloween), I had to work. It was my first shift back after Gunnar was born. I was a little out of it, but it went well. The biggest problem was that Gunnar wouldn't take the bottle. So, lucky for me, Grant brought the kids to me twice so that I could feed him! It was so great seeing all of them, I missed them so much! While I was working, Grant took Abby to her soccer game, and then my mom picked up the girls to take them Trick-or-Treating with the cousins. When I got home from work, we all went Trick-or-Treating around the block. Then, we came home and had some "healthy" food before putting the kids to bed. Apparently all the kids ate that day was donuts and candy. Gotta love when daddy babysits!

Here's what happens when DAD gets them ready for Halloween:

Troy gets a rockin' mustache! (Using mom's make-up)

He absolutely LOVED wearing his costume, I was really surprised!

Ready for some more Halloween fun!

After the kids went to bed, we watched TV and greeted the 10 Trick-or-Treaters that came to our door. Grant put up some pretty fun decorations at that door. Too bad I didn't take a picture. =-(

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