Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gunnar @ 2 months

I ordered the typical hospital photos, and I guess they came with a free 8x10 when the baby was 6 weeks. After many scheduling issues, they guy finally made it to my house to take Gunnar's picture. It was quite and adventure. He set up this whole studio right in my living. And of course the other kids wanted to be in on the action. The photographer wouldn't ever touch Gunnar other than positioning his head and arms. So I had to hold him in place and hold Troy back at the same time. By the end, Troy was screaming and wanting to touch everything. So I knelt down, held Gunnar, and pinned Troy to the ground with my leg. Lots of fun! Next time we'll stick with Kiddie Kandids.

But he sure looks cute! A few weeks later and lady came to show me the pics. I told her I ONLY wanted the free 8x10. Of course, I got weaseled into buying 2 other poses. Something about the photoshopping that was done would apply to the free one. Gunnar had had a ton of baby acne, but not in these lovelies!

This one hangs on our wall, the other 2 are for the grandmas!

And here's Gunnar on his 2 month birthday. He weighed in at 14 lbs and 24 inches!

We love him for all his acne and all!


Jay and Linz said...

He is an absolutely beautiful baby! Great pictures :)

Emily said...

He is SUCH a cute baby!