Monday, July 20, 2009

My Last Post Before Gunnar's Arrival!

I went to my Doctor's appointment today, and he said I am 3-4 cm, 50% effaced, and -1 station. He's been saying all along that he would induce me whenever I wanted, but I have been putting it off. Things to do, I guess. Delaying the inevitable pain, maybe? But mostly I wanted to be in a position where my body would do most of the work, and he would just have to break my bag of water. So I wanted to make sure, before I agreed to it, that I was in a spot where he would feel comfortable breaking the bag without having to use pitocin. For the past few weeks I've been 1-2cm and then 2-3. But today I was finally 3-4 and the head had come down a lot, so there wasn't the fear of the umbilical cord prolapsing. So we set up the induction for Thursday, my actual due date. I'm excited to have the baby on this day, because Abby's birthday is June 23rd and Troy's is August 23rd. Having all the summer birthday's on the 23rd should help me remember them. Poor Ashlin, her birthday is on the 17th. But it's in the winter time! Of course, the baby could always come sooner. But they've never come on their own before, so I feel pretty good about Thursday. My goal today was to get all my blogging up to date so that when the baby comes, I can post pictures right away without jumping out of order. So here are the last few pictures that were on my camera! Enjoy, and next time there will be pictures of my beautiful new baby boy!

Troy was snuggling with Grant in bed, and I thought they looked so cute! Grant says that when I'm working and gone early in the morning, Troy thinks it's fun to sleep on my side of the bed!

What cuties!

My niece, Lizzie, got baptized last Saturday. They had all the cousins/primary aged kids sing the closing hymn. We expected Abby and Ashlin to go up and attempt to sing. But I didn't think Troy would. Not only did he go up, but he stood there so reverently during the song.

He's not even 2 yet, and already he looks like a little man!


Nathan and Sarah said...

Good luck on thursday! I cant wait to see pictures of this baby! I Hope everything goes smoothly!

Marnie said...

Oh my gosh, good luck! It seems like it went fast. I know, I know, why do people always say that to pregnant women?

Hammy said...

Good Luck!!!

Marla said...

I hope all goes well today! I'll be thinking of you and watching for an update!!!!