Monday, July 20, 2009

7/8/09 Gunnar's Baby Shower

So last week the ladies in my ward (with help from my mom and sisters) threw me a baby shower for Gunnar. Since Troy never had a shower, and he grew out of the clothes he did have, it was actually very needed. I had organized all his old clothes last week, and and I had just a little bit for each size. After this shower, Gunnar is set!! It was so much fun! It was at my friend, Lori Collyer's house. So many people came and brought such generous gifts. I used to think that it was more fun to shop for girls, but I'm telling you, these ladies found some way cute stuff for boys! The shower was great because it really helped me to get excited for Gunnar's arrival. (Just 3 more days!) I have to warn you, there are a lot of pictures. My sister-in-law, Brittany, did such a good job in trying to get a picture of everyone, I feel like I need to post them all. Thanks to everyone who came and supported! And special thanks to Mom & Becky for the invitations and food spread, Dena for the cake, Mary for the punch, Jen for the food, Brittany for the camera work, Shauna for organizing/group gift, Lindsey, Erin, and Allyson for the games! And of course, the Collyers, for letting us use their beautiful home! They don't have any furniture in the formal living room, so they had to move ALL of the furniture in there!

There were so many presents, I spent most of the time just opening them. People kind of just came and went, ate, socialized, and toured the Collyer's beautiful home! My MIL, Linda, took notes, and Lindsey and Shauna kept me company & handed me presents! It was a great time!

Opening presents!

The quilt my Mother-in-law is making for Gunnar. It wasn't quite done yet, but she brought it anyway and then took it back to finish! It's done now, and it looks amazing!

The guests watching!

The spread of gifts!

The door was constantly open with people coming and going!

My Very Bestest Friend, Chloe Ross!

Showing off Chloe's present

Lynsey and Kathryn, friends from Parent-ed. (Mari left before the picture)

The beautiful table spread and flowers

Thank-you gift for Lori!

Close-ups of guests!

Becky and Katie

Katie and Ashley

Kathryn, Gretchen, Mom

Claire, Krista, Michelle, Jen, Baby Griffin, Louise

Norma, Neddy, and Anne

Lisa, Kelsey, and Stacy

I was literally SHOWERED with gifts

Diane, Joy, and Allyson

Marla & Mom

Jen and Gracie

Allyson & Gina

Mandy & Amy

The party planning commitee (Lindsey, Shauna, Allyson, & Kelsey), hauling all the gifts to the car! The group gift was a bassinet that lights up, vibrates, and plays lullabies! So cool! And, a new crib set picked out by Shauna! Love it!

Mom & Melanie

The host, Lori, and Gina

Chloe, Ashley, and Mary

Me & Brittany

Me, Brittany, & Dena!


BBC said...

wow... looks like you had a super fun baby shower!

Cyndi said...

Stacy, you are just so lucky and popular!! That's so great you had a shower. I really found that all my stuff was worn out after the third kid so we had to get new stuff so I'm sure you'll really appreciate it when little Gunnar gets here. Yeah for you!!